Useful Features to Look Out for When Shopping for Strollers

Selecting the right stroller can make things so much easier in your everyday life; even a simple walk around the park can be made more enjoyable with the right stroller. Many strollers might look similar, but there are a few features that can be really helpful for parents and caregivers. In this article, we take a look at some useful features to look out for when shopping for a stroller.

Lightweight, compact design

A lightweight stroller can be very helpful if you’re travelling with your children. They easily fit in car boots and can be carried on planes and trains when necessary. Some lightweight strollers even have straps so you can carry them on your shoulder. Typically, they’re predominantly beneficial when you need to save space in your car or take them on your travels. Lightweight strollers can lose some of the features and benefits that come with heavier options, so make sure you check out the full specification before purchasing.

Washable material

There’s no doubt that your little one is likely to get messy when they’re in the stroller. Snacks and messy fingers can lead to a sticky stroller. One feature to look out for is a stroller with removable, washable material. Using the washing machine to remove any residue from your stroller is often quicker and less hassle than wiping down the stroller using a cloth and warm water. In addition, it can be challenging to remove stubborn sticky stains without using the power of a washing machine.

Buggy board attachment

A buggy board is a great addition if you have a younger child who needs to use the stroller full-time and a slightly older child that can walk unassisted. Small children can still get tired or struggle to keep up if they’re in a rush. A buggy board is a fun way to get your older child to stay close to you, and it also prevents them from wandering off. A stroller with a dedicated buggy board attachment offers more safety features compared to opting for a universal buggy board that may not work on your stroller.


If you enjoy jogging or walking over uneven ground and want to take your child with you, a stroller with suspension is the perfect solution. Strollers with suspension are often called all-terrain or jogging strollers. Look out for strollers with responsive suspension, allowing them to adapt and endure bumpy roads without adjustment. Your little one will remain cosy and comfortable no matter how bumpy the terrain gets, so you can enjoy jogging and walking off-road. To find the best stroller in Singapore, consider how you’re going to use your stroller; opt for one with suspension if you’re active and want to avoid issues with uneven surfaces.

Attachable cup holder

When you’re struggling to wake up but need to dash out the door, an attachable cup holder can be really beneficial and convenient. You can make a drink to take with you and keep you warm on cold mornings. Choosing a stroller with a specific cup holder attachment assures your drink will hold in place and won’t slip or fall when you’re dashing for the bus or in a rush. This is important to keep your child safe, especially if you plan on using your cup holder for hot beverages.

Attachable rain cover

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, a rain cover attachment for your stroller is essential. Choose a cover that can be attached easily and quickly using velcro, saving you time in sudden, unexpected downpours. In addition, rain covers should have enough ventilation to ensure sufficient airflow for your child.

These are just some of the stroller features available; you can also find many other great options. When choosing a stroller for your child, consider how and where you’ll use it to get the most out of your budget. Some families may need to invest in two strollers, one for travelling and another for everyday, general use. Reading customer reviews is a great way to understand how each stroller performs in real-world settings; you can also see the advantages and disadvantages from other parents’ perspectives.