How to Wear Long Cardigans

Long cardigans look great when they’re paired with the right outfit. Choose the wrong combination, and you can end up looking sloppy and ready for bed. One frustrating problem with long cardigans is if you want to wear a coat, you need to find one that’s long enough. Otherwise, it can look silly if you have your cardigan sticking out underneath your coat. Here are some tips that can help you style long cardigans, so you always look fabulous.

Pair with a fitted outfit

If you love wearing a relaxed, comfy long cardigan, they’re best paired with a fitted outfit. A pair of skinny jeans, a fitted top and boots combined with a chunky knit, baggy, long cardigan works well for a casual lunch with friends. The relaxed cardigan and fitted outfit work well together to create a simple but stylish look.

Pair with a formal work outfit

If you love to wear pencil skirts, shirts or fitted business dresses for formal meetings at your day job but don’t know how to make these items more casual for meeting up with friends after work, a long cardigan can help. The change of texture and style will take your formal office look from professional to smart casual. This is great for people who need a way to dress down their work attire but don’t have the opportunity to go home and get changed. A long cardigan works well, or a jumper over your outfit. You’ll feel more comfortable and no longer in work mode as soon as you put on a nice, cosy knit.

Combining with a coat

One of the challenges many women have is they want to wear their long cardigan as it looks great with their outfit. However, they also need to wear a coat on top to protect them from the elements. Combined, the cardigan can stick out the bottom of the coat, ruining the whole look. An easy solution to this is to take the two sides of the cardigan at the bottom and tie them around your waist underneath your coat. This way, they will be hidden from view when you have your coat on. When you arrive at your party, event or whatever it may be, take off your coat and quickly untie the cardigan out of sight. For this to work, ensure that the cardigan is the type of material that won’t hold creases.

Leggings and a top

A long cashmere cardigan is great when combined with comfortable leggings and a relaxed fit top. This combination of clothes works well for days when you want to chill out and feel comfortable. Perhaps you’re going shopping, to the cinema or just lazing around the house. This fit works for so many casual occasions; the long cardigan also gives some extra coverage if your top isn’t quite long enough to cover your bum when wearing leggings. This can help you feel more comfortable and less exposed.

Colours and patterns

If you are selecting jackets or cardigans, take into account your current wardrobe and the colours and patterns you already wear. If you have mainly plain items, including dresses, t-shirts and skirts, a long patterned cardigan will work well to elevate your outfits and add some fun and flare. However, if you often wear brightly coloured dresses with bold patterns and multicoloured shirts, a more muted long cardigan with no pattern might work best in your wardrobe. When buying any item of clothing, you want to be able to wear it with as many different pieces as possible to create several looks you can keep wearing over time. Consider your overall wardrobe and style, and select a cardigan that will complement several of your outfits.

Whenever you choose new items for your wardrobe, go with things you love and are true to your unique style. You can buy lots of different long cardigans in various colours, patterns and materials; there is something out there for every budget. Take your time to select quality pieces that will last and can be worn for several years. Avoid buying cheap items that you will only ever wear once; this will cost you more in the long run and is very damaging to the environment.