How to Make a Gift Feel More Personal

The art of gift-giving has been practised for thousands of years. Something special handed from one person to another has long been considered an act of love, kindness and appreciation. While anybody can give a loved one a gift, choosing something meaningful and memorable takes careful consideration.

Do you have a friend or loved one with a birthday on the horizon? Alternatively, perhaps you have an anniversary coming up. Either way, if you’re racking your brain attempting to come up with the perfect gift idea, you may be wondering what you can do to make your present extra special and personal. If so, consider the following tips.

Make It Relevant To Their Interests

Everybody wants to feel heard, understood and appreciated, particularly by their nearest and dearest. As such, a gift relevant to your recipient’s interests is guaranteed to make them feel special. For example, you could source merchandise pertaining to their favourite band or TV show. Alternatively, you could buy them supplies for their craft hobby, such as needlecraft or scrapbooking. Ask a close friend or family member for advice if you’re unsure.

Personalise It

Personalised gifts are memorable, heartfelt gestures of appreciation. While it may seem like a lot of effort, there are many straightforward and affordable ways to personalise a gift. For example, you can purchase personalised mugs, wine glasses and reusable coffee cups from small businesses on ecommerce sites like Etsy. You could even go all out and commission some personalised jewellery from an independent jeweller featuring your recipient’s initials or birthstone.

Book An Experience Day

Gifts don’t have to be in the form of physical items. The gift of a memorable experience is something your recipient will hold dear for the rest of their lives. The beauty of experience days is the endless possibilities and options available - everything from track racing to beekeeping. For instance, you could book an afternoon of wine tasting at a local vineyard for you and your recipient or kick back and relax at a luxury spa.

DIY Gifts

Anybody can purchase a gift, but creating something from scratch takes time, effort and consideration. A handmade gift is the perfect way to express your feelings towards a loved one, and while you may not be exceptionally skilled in arts and crafts, you might just surprise yourself. Consider making a photo album featuring hand-picked photos and captions to evoke special memories or a homemade spice mix/herb blend for cooking enthusiasts.

Consider The Packaging

The way you present your gift can undoubtedly elevate your recipient’s experience. Suppose your wrapping skills aren’t up to the mark. In that case, you could purchase some custom made gift boxes for excellent presentation without the hassle. Furthermore, protecting fragile gifts is always advisable. For example, you can protect bottles, ornaments and jewellery by opting for appropriate packaging with plenty of void fill in the form of rustic wood wool, vibrant shredded paper or even unflavoured popcorn.

Draw On Past Experiences

The power of nostalgia is truly spectacular. We all have treasured memories we like to immortalise with photographs, mementoes and other physical tokens to evoke specific feelings. If you and your recipient have a unique shared memory, consider theming your gift around it. Your gift could be as simple as a framed photograph or as complex as a commissioned original painting. Either way, a sentimental gift is assured to warm your recipient’s heart.

Get Them Something Useful

While ornamental mementoes and souvenirs are all well and good, perhaps your loved one would prefer something practical. Identify an item your recipient needs; for instance, they may have mentioned they could do with a new set of cooking knives or better-quality headphones - things we often put off buying for ourselves. This provides you with the opportunity to get them something special to enrich their everyday lives.

Gift Hampers

When in doubt, there is always the option of a gift hamper. Gift hampers are exciting, practical gifts that can be tailored to suit any recipient. You could purchase a themed pre-filled hamper online or from a luxury department store or source an empty hamper or box and fill it with all your loved one’s favourite treats. Consider a variety of wine, chocolates, preserves, biscuits, bath products and anything else you think they’ll appreciate.

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