Corporate Event Ideas

There are so many different reasons to host a corporate event, and when they’re done well, they can be incredibly beneficial for all types of businesses. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why your business might choose to host a corporate event. We also discuss the benefits of each type of event for your business.

Subject-specific seminar

A seminar is a method of teaching and imparting information to those in attendance. A business could host a corporate seminar with a speaker from inside or outside the organisation. The role of the speaker is to talk through a specific topic and teach those attending valuable information that could help within their industry or job role. For example, a business may host a seminar on how to improve presentation skills. They can then invite relevant employees that are required to present as part of their job role. Employees will learn new valuable skills that can help the business succeed and help them progress in their individual careers. A subject-specific seminar could be held online as a single session, or it could be part of a wider corporate training event held over several days, often referred to as a conference.


A conference is a much more complex corporate event that brings together several different speakers and seminar sessions. Conferences can include seminars, discussion groups, interviews, panel discussions and networking. Conferences can be very valuable for businesses; they bring together different people from the industry interested in learning more and improving their business. A digital advertising conference may have several sessions spread over a weekend, looking at all aspects of digital marketing. This could include sessions on social media advertising, website optimisation and email marketing. The type of business that hosts this conference could be a digital marketing agency or a business that provides tracking tools for digital marketing specialists. Both companies would benefit from the opportunity to connect with those looking to learn more about digital marketing.

Incentive events

An incentive event is a trip or event hosted by a business that encourages employees to go above and beyond as part of their job role. If employees are able to meet a specific goal set by their employer, they are rewarded with the opportunity to go to the incentive event. This event could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for employees to travel to new destinations and take part in exciting activities. When planning incentive events, many companies choose to use destination management services. A destination management company will arrange everything for the business, from flights and accommodation to activities, event space and catering. Often companies include awards and updates as part of an incentive event. This is a great way to reward employees for their hard work and motivate them to achieve the targets initially set out by the business.

Fundraising events

Charities and non-profit organisations are also businesses. These businesses often need to raise additional funds to continue their valuable work. One way to do this is to host a corporate fundraising event. The organiser can invite local businesses to participate in an auction event to raise money for the charity. Or they could put on a show and invite business owners to purchase tickets to attend the event. Fundraising corporate events can be very beneficial to charities and non-profit organisations; many businesses will have a set budget for charitable donations, and companies are likely to donate more than individuals.

Trade shows

As part of launching a new product or line of products, a business might choose to host or attend a corporate trade show event. This gives anyone that’s interested in the latest products the opportunity to view them in action and ask questions to the manufacturer. Trade shows are often hosted in large event venues with various businesses showcasing their new products and services. They are a great way to generate interest and leads for new products. Many companies also find they can generate sales from trade show events. Trade shows usually focus on businesses from a similar industry, such as fleet and mobility live. This trade show brings together the fleet and mobility industry to showcase their products and services to relevant people in the industry.