A Guide to Australian Food and Wine Pairings

Australia is a melting pot of different cultures and ideas, and has for decades been a place with an enchanting allure and unique personality that draws people in from all over the world both as visitors and expats. As well as the fascinating culture which spans indigenous and non indigenous peoples, Australia is also home to its own unique and fascinating culinary traditions, of which many Aussies are incredibly proud and fiercely protective.

Any trip to Australia needs to include at least a sampling of the regional and national dishes on offer. You will find that many are reminiscent of dishes from other parts of the world, though they have a uniquely Australian style and flavour. Other dishes are completely unlike anything else you will have had elsewhere, and these are the ones you really can’t miss!

You may be surprised to learn that Australia, despite being relatively new to the wine market, produces a huge variety of world class fine wines and is currently investing heavily in the sector. Wines from Australia are known for their distinctive Australian flair and are always well worth a look, especially if you find yourself on Australian turf. Here are some of the best Aussie food and wine pairings for you to look out for this year.

Fish and chips

While it is also a hit in the UK, fish and chips are an Aussie special that many people enjoy on a semi-regular basis. Most of Australia’s largest urban centres are coastal which means they have amazing access to fresh seafood. Fish can be battered or covered in breadcrumbs depending on your preferences, and is served with hot chunky chips.

Many like a squeeze of lemon over their fish, though you can use pretty much any sauce you love as a condiment. A crisp white wine is perfect for pairing with a battered or breaded fish as it cuts through the richness and provides an excellent balance of tartness and acidity.


This fish is a true Aussie original and is particularly good when baked. It is mainly sourced from the seas to the north of Australia though it is found pretty much everywhere. Like other large fish, the barramundi has a meaty bite to it, and the flavour is smooth and buttery. As it is a more substantial fish it goes extremely well with medium bodied white wines such as the fragrant fiano or light red Australian wine such as nero d’avola, either of which will produce a deliciously moreish combination.

Barbecued sausages

No list of Australian food and wine pairings could ever be complete without including barbecued meats. While the Aussies love a good barbecued beef burger or chicken, few things are as satisfying as a barbecued Australian sausage.

A high quality sausage with the right seasonings and the perfect amount of char on the outside is a simple pleasure that is not to be missed by anyone visiting this country. Elevate your simple barbecued sausage to new heights by enjoying it along with a generous glass of a hearty red wine, such as a shiraz or bordeaux.

Meat pies

Any Australian will be proud to tell you that their meat pies are unlike the meat pies made anywhere else on the planet, which is sometimes questionable, but in fairness they are completely delicious and something you really have to experience if you are planning to visit Australia.

Whether they are enjoyed at the football, bought from the corner shop and quickly gobbled while still piping hot, or made into a meal with gravy and veggies, the Aussie meat pie needs to be at the top of your list. This is another richly flavoured dish that can be enhanced by enjoying with a glass of shiraz.

These are just a few of the iconic Australian dishes that you simply have to try during your visit and they are sure to be firm favourites. If you are planning a trip to Australia it can be very helpful to do plenty of research before you go, making a list of all the eateries and cuisines you are most looking forward to experiencing so you can ensure there’s time to fit it all in.